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Best deals on used Steelcase cubicles in Columbus!

If you are looking for an easy and reliable buyback service for your out-of-date, unwanted, or obsolete Steelcase furniture in Columbus, then look no further than Integrity Wholesale Furniture. Who would have thought you wouldn’t have to look outside your own neighborhood to find someone willing to pay top dollar? As it happens, Integrity Wholesale Furniture deals in Columbus, Bexley, Groveport, and many other cities in the greater Columbus area, even trickling into the rest of the Midwest, so you don’t have to go far for the results you need.

For office spaces that needs more extensive options, we have such cubicle configurations as the Steelcase Enhanced 9000 90×90. The stepped panels are designed to give you standing privacy at the entrance, seated privacy in the recesses, and improved accessibility to office lighting all around. The tackable acoustical panels range from 65” to 53”, and are designed to cancel out extra noise from office buzz and chatter. They also feature a 30” overhead binder bin: perfect for storing those priority projects for safe-keeping. The binder bins even have an overhead task light to improve visibility any time of day.

If you are looking for exceptional used office furniture from leading companies like Steelcase at a severely reduced price, why not consider purchasing our “better than new” used furniture? We carry all sorts of different items in stock, like our Steelcase Avenir 6’x6’ cubicles with 53 inch high panels, a sure pick to embolden your employees and improve their quality of office life. All units of the Avenir cubicle include a BBF pedestal with a benchmark style pull. The corner work station area offers a glorious 24×42 inch surface that is height-adjustable with spacious 24×30 inch returns.

On top of a premium and well regarded buyback service, our trained professionals offer a suite of other exceptional services and products, such as office planning and interior decoration. What’s more important is that with every project you need us for, our enthusiastic staff is there to make sure the job is done right, the way you want it, the first time. To Integrity Wholesale Furniture, this is the meaning of superiority in the used office furniture business. Our customers have come to look at Integrity as synonymous with this meaning.

Just remember the next time you are looking for a buyback service in Fairfield county (even beyond!), look no further than Integrity Wholesale Furniture, because we don’t only want to take care of your needs today, but create a lasting trust so you can keep returning to us for years to come!


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