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Great saving on used office cubicles for Columbus, Ohio.

At Integrity Wholesale Furniture, it’s our business to know what your office needs.  Workers, for starters.  It needs you, the boss as well, of course.  Beyond that is a treasure trove of other knick-knacks, like the countless pens, reams of paper, toner, and the very walls themselves.  All minutia aside, our business is about the cubicles that give your employees a focused place to work, the chairs that support them throughout the day, and the file cabinets that house their stores of knowledge and information.  Our hope at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is to respond to all of our customers’ needs for quality office furniture, so that instead of finding a faulty piece that drives you crazy, you’ll find great furniture that easily nestles into these roles. Our used office cubicles have all been thoroughly inspected and guaranteed for their condition, so you can rest easy in your purchase for your Columbus, Ohio business.

Affordable brand names are quite often what attracts our customers, and we carry all of the major brand names in numerous models.  Take this Steelcase Answer 6×8 cubicle, for instance.  It’s comfortable yet economical, and stylish yet demure. It’s pretty much a no brainer solution for most offices.  It is well equipped too, with two BBF’s and one FF, so it can store everything you need in the desk.


Beyond used furniture, we have a very wide array of used office services that are designed to serve the needs your business might have.  One of the more notable services is our interior design. Our interior design consultation is ideal for businesses that are looking for a new “face” for their office operations.  Quite often, businesses pair our interior design services with our space planning service, which helps them maximize the placement of their office furniture, so as to get the most out of their office.


If you’re , Steelcase has been making office furniture for over a century, so you know they have the expertise and tenure to make a product right. What we then do at Integrity Wholesale Furniture is we go through every single piece of used furniture (quite the task, considering our vast inventory) and make sure it stands up to the brand’s reputation for excellence.


It is always our pleasure to talk to business owners and office managers to figure out what we can do for you.  Please give us a call or fill out a contact form on our website and find out what we can do for your business today, whether it is our excellent used office cubicles, or one of our exceptional services!

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