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(155) Herman Miller AO2 cubicles FOR SALE in Columbus Ohio

Used Herman Miller AO2

(155) Herman Miller AO2 cubicles in stock in Columbus Ohio:  62” high panels with power down the spine, 30×48 corner worksurface with a 30×40 and 30×30 return  worksurface, BBF and 2-drawer laterals (we have a lot of FF’s that we can use instead of the 2-drawer) 30” and 48” overhead binder bin with task light.  Finishes are all in the gray family.

Product is on good as-is condition.  Sold in 8-packs.  Call for pricing.

We have free design, complete delivery and installation services.

This product can also make 6.5×6.5 or 8×8.

To visit our Columbus warehouse to view these stations and many others, fill out the contact page or give us a call.

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