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Looking for used Herman Miller furniture in Columbus? Check here for great deals!

We all try to cut corners in our budgets in different ways, in order to save for our businesses.  Office furniture, however, is not one of those things.  In the office furniture industry, there are quite a few name brands that are known for their excellent designs and durable construction, and then there are the off-brands that produce furniture that may look comparable, but often fall short when it comes to providing you with the long term quality you look for. Come to us at Integrity Wholesale Furniture whether you’re looking for great used Herman Miller furniture in Columbus, Ohio, or any of our great services!

This Herman Miller Mirra office chair is a wonderful option to consider for your business.  Your employees will be sure to appreciate the increased comfort!  An innovative frameless back consisting of hundreds of strategically placed holes provides multiple levels of flexibility to make it incredibly comfortable.  Multiple adjustments make it easy to personalize for the ultimate support and comfort throughout the day.


In this day and age, numerous businesses are having tighter budget constraints, but they still need to replace or otherwise acquire office furniture.  That’s where Integrity Wholesale Furniture comes in.  We carry all the top names like Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth, but we make them affordable by offering them secondhand.  You don’t have to compromise on quality or worry about overspending when you work with Integrity Wholesale Furniture to acquire used office furniture for your Columbus, Ohio business!


This Herman Miller Mirra chair retails for close to three times as much as we sell them for.  Again, you pay one third of regular retail price, and have it delivered weeks sooner than you would normally receive your order otherwise.


The Mirra chair should be your first choice if your office strives to be green!  This chair is GREENGUARD certified, consists of 42% materials, and is, itself 96% recyclable when it ceases to be functional anymore.  Add in the fact that you’re purchasing it used, thus keeping it out of the landfill, and you can’t get much more environmentally friendly!


If you like what you’re reading and you’re interested in the many other products we have to offer, check out the rest of our incredible selection of used office furniture!  This used Herman Miller Mirra is just one of many top of the line office chairs we have available, and we have a stellar selection of used cubicles and workstations as well.  We’re proud to make good quality affordable, and we have many options to do just that.  Contact us so we can start serving you today, whether it’s about our great services or used Herman Miller furniture in Columbus!

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