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Deciding the right used office furniture for your Columbus, Ohio business can be a frustrating task.  Even if you’ve gone through the process of purchasing office furniture for your workplace before, it can still be daunting.  When most people make a decision about purchasing office furniture, they want their decision to be a lasting solution.  That’s how the professionals at Integrity Wholesale Furniture can help you.  Our wholesale business brings decades of experience to assist our every customer, and offer precision and care to every job we do.

We have numerous options when it comes to supplying your business with the best used office furniture from trusted manufacturers like Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth.  Consider our inventory of cubicles, for example.  Whether your business requires small and space effective option, such as these Herman Miller telemarketing cubicles, or something more open, spacious and with storage options, like the Herman Miller AO2, we’ve got what you need.


These are excellent examples of how our vast inventory has what you need.  Both are made with the dependable, high-quality materials and the expert construction that has made Herman Miller a trusted name in office furniture for over decades.  However, they are extremely different styles of cubicles suited for the needs of very different offices.


These Herman Miller telemarketing cubicles are extremely conservative in the spatial sense, measuring 2’x4’.  Rising to 54” high, these cubicles provide the necessary privacy and sound dampening effect for workers who spend most of their time on the telephone with clients.  The 24”x48” work surface provides adequate space for the minimal office equipment and supplies your employees might need during their work day. While these cubicles don’t come with BBF or BFF pedestals themselves, we have many in stock that would match nicely if you need additional storage space.


On the other side of your options, our Herman Miller AO2 cubicles much more to offer in terms of space, storage, and desk surface area.  Measuring 8’x6.5’, one of the main advantages of this roomy L-shaped cubicle is the spacious work space – a 30”x48” corner, and deluxe wings measuring 30”x30” and 30”x48”.  This also has one 30’ deep BFF pedestal and one 30’ deep BB pedestal built in for lots of storage.  These cubicles have a petite height measuring 39” high, which provides adequate privacy while still contributing to an open atmosphere, making communication easy with colleagues.


These are just a few examples of the wide range of exceptional used Herman Miller office furniture for sale at Integrity Wholesale Furniture.  Regardless of what you’re looking for, it is our pleasure to help you figure out what you need for your business in the Columbus area and find a solution for your used office furniture needs.

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